Music Festivals and Events

The St Lucia Jazz Festival has become one of the major events on St. Lucia's calendar of events. During the month of May, the island moves to the beat of jazz when music fills the air and tourism takes on a whole new meaning to all. What started as simply a marketing event to boost tourism industry arrivals during a low peak period, has now developed into one of the top 2 jazz festivals in the world and is the second biggest event in the Caribbean next to the Trinidad carnival. The official dates for the 2007 jazz festival is May 4-13.

Essence Music Festival

New Orleans will host the super Essence Festival, celebrating African-American music and culture again in 2007. The dates are July 4 -7, 2007. The festival attracts nearly 200,000 of the best-dressed, fun-loving, talented, and committed people in the nation. You will hear the largest gathering of African-American musical talent in the U.S., as well as listen to some of the top-notch speakers in empowerment seminars.

Barbados Jazz Festival

Barbados strives to creatively blend internationally known R&B and jazz artists along with top local musicians. Concerts will be held at some of the island's most picturesque locations, including the Sunbury Plantation House, Heritage Park at the Foursquare Rum Refinery, Garfield Sobers Auditorium, The Crane Resort & Residences, and Farley Hill National Park. The Jazz festival traditionally takes place in early Janurary.

Barbados Gospel Festival
This festival of religious music brings together some of the top gospel artistes from North America, the Caribbean and Barbados. Much of the popularity of the festival is due to the presence of popular international artistes such as Dr. Bobby Jones and Jeff White.

The music of this festival is very diverse and includes reggae, calypso, jazz and soul. Whatever your style, you will find the music and the festival uplifting and inspirational.

Bermuda Music Festival

Over 10 years in the running, the Bermuda Music Festival brings some of the best and brightest Bermudian and international entertainers to its stages. Call us today to make your plans, October 7-10 2007, for four amazing days of sun, surf and song.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica  International Jazz Festival

The 10th annual Ocho Rios International Jazz Festival will bring together an international line up of some of the top names in jazz and blues. The brain child of Sonny Bradshaw, one of Jamaica's leading jazz musicians, the jazz festival celebrates its 10th anniversary. The festival has brought some of the world's top jazz musicians and artistes to Jamaica over the last decade.  The festival is traditionally held in the middle of June.

Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival

The countdown has begun to the Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival, an event that usually surpasses anything that has been seen or heard in Jamaica.  I invite everyone to come to Jamaica and celebrate, because they pull out all stops to make this event the biggest and best Festival. This event is held in Montego Bay, Jamaica every year towards the end of January. 

We offer group and individual packages to all of these events.